AL Chief Justice Roy Moore to Run for Senate

AL Chief Justice Roy Moore to Run for Senate

AL Chief Justice Roy Moore to Run for Senate

Stuart's appointment to the post makes her the first female Republican chief justice in Alabama's history.

Ron Crumpton, who lost the 2016 U.S. Senate race to incumbent Richard Shelby, has said he will seek the Democratic nomination, according to the Alabama Political Reporter. Jeff Sessions, who became U.S. Attorney General in February. Moore scheduled a news conference Wednesday, April 26, 2017, on the steps of the Alabama Capitol to announce his plans for the future.

Moore, who was found guilty in September of violating Alabama's judicial ethics rules, plans to run in a special election later this year for one of the state's U.S. Senate seats.

In 2003 Moore was removed from office by the COJ after putting a large statue of the Ten Commandments in the state judicial building in Montgomery. The primary elections will be held on August 15, with the general election to take place December 12.

Moore said his priorities, in order are God, family, and country.

"I know and I think you do too that the foundations of the fabric of our country are being shaken tremendously", he said. "Our families are being crippled by divorce and abortion", Moore said. He was appointed by then-Gov. Bentley recently resigned the governorship of Alabama in a plea deal after years of fighting a losing battle against heavy evidence of an extramarital affair with a staffer that went over the line into misappropriation of state funds and attempted intimidation of witnesses.

Odd is running for the seat.

Odd had come under criticism for putting an impeachment investigation of Bentley on hold and saying the state's Justice Department was looking into the matter before he was appointed by Bentley. "Unusual in office because he is more predictable in how he will vote".

Strange, state Rep. Ed Henry, R-Hartselle, and Randy Brinson, president of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, have announced they are running. Other hopefuls are expected to announce before qualifying ends in mid-May.

Moore, now 70, was a little known judge in Etowah County in the 1990s until the American Civil Liberties Union unsuccessfully sued him over a handmade wooden Ten Commandment plaque he hung on his courtroom wall. Despite being removed twice from the state's highest court, the site repeatedly refers to him as "Judge Roy Moore" and prominently features his official state portrait in which he's wearing judicial robes. Upon notice of Mr. Moore's resignation, Governor Kay Ivey appointed Associate Justice Lyn Stuart to permanently lead the state's highest court. He was reelected as chief justice in 2012 and began his current six-year term in 2013. A judicial panel said Moore had urged state probate judges to defy federal court rulings that said gays and lesbians have a fundamental right to marry.

Moore denied the charge of urging defiance, and said he was only giving a status update on litigation. So this Senate race could be his last hurrah, praise the Lord. He finished fourth in the 2010 GOP primary, a race eventually won by Robert Bentley.

He will try to break that losing streak in the Senate race, where the crusading jurist will face a well-funded odd and potentially other deep-pocketed business-backed candidates.

A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Moore was nicknamed Captain America as Vietnam War military policeman because of his strict adherence to military code.

While Moore is best known for his religious stances, he's also been an outspoken advocate of sentencing reform.

"I stood up for God", he said.

He has based his career on far-right positions and outrageous statements about LGBT people.

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