Cop claims doctor was 'flailing and fighting' during United incident

The official accounts of the incident provide officers' perspectives of the incident.

Security officer James Long said he wrote his report out of fear of losing his job.

"I'm unhappy that we were asked to remove a passenger due to an overbooking", she wrote.

"He was very emphatic: 'I can't be late".

At the time, Dao said he was refusing to give up his seat because he's a doctor and had to see patients the next morning.

According to the reports, the officers were called on the plane because Dao was "yelling about leaving the aircraft". When no passenger volunteered to leave the flight, the airline resorted to its policy of making passengers give up their seats involuntarily. He agreed to leave the plane voluntarily to get medical attention, the reports say. "This is a real, real problem and the mother told me point blank her concern was her child, who nearly got hit by the stroller".

It was as officers began to pry Dao from his seat that he started screaming, witnesses said.

Dao, a physician, was bloodied and dragged off the United Express plane by Chicago airport officers in now-viral video that has made national headlines. Long "assisted the subject by using minimal but necessary force" to get him off the aircraft, Rodriguez said in the report.

Long, who finally removed Dao from the plane, also recounted that Dao was then placed on the floor of the jetway and was offered water after saying that he was a diabetic. "You can drag me then, I won't go". The flight crew reported Dao was "spitting blood" while in the aft galley. Yet despite that, the reports filed by the officers tell very different stories than what plays out in those videos, according to CNN. In addition, the officers involved have finally been named publicly.

In addition, the documents show the city's deputy aviation commissioner, Jeffery Redding, sent out a department-wide memo eight days after the incident, asking workers to review the city's use of force policy and for supervisors to review it during roll call meetings for three weeks.

An incident report obtained via a public records request names the three officers involved with dragging David Dao, 69, off a United Airlines flight in an incident that ignited public backlash.

But unlike the United incident where they were further dragged in hot waters after taking so long to apologize, American Airlines immediately issued an apology statement about the whole incident and assured the public that they have taken the necessary steps to compensate for the victims' inconvenience and suffering.

New surveillance video shows the moments leading up to the United Airlines incident in which a Kentucky doctor was ripped from his seat, sparking a wave of outrage against the company.

Munoz has pledged a full review of the incident by April 30 "to fix what's broken so this never happens again".

Dao was discharged on Wednesday night from the hospital.

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