Trump takes first step towards H-1B visa reform

Trump To Visit Snap-on In Kenosha Emphasizing Manufacturing

Trump takes first step towards H-1B visa reform

United States President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday to overhaul the current H1-B visa system, to end the purported visa "misuse" by many employers who replace American workers with lower-paid foreigners.

Trump touted his "Buy American, Hire American" executive order signed Tuesday, promising that it will protect American workers from unfair treatment by foreign countries. Trump is keeping a campaign promise, and, after a week of flip-flops on the Export-Import Bank and China's alleged currency manipulation, sending a message to his working class supporters in places such as Wisconsin that he hasn't forgotten them.

Trump has also used his "buy American and hire American" premise to bring in changes in government procurement practices, reported The Guardian.

"We are going to do everything in our power to make sure that more products are stamped, with those wonderful words, made in the USA", Trump told a crowd of technical students and manufacturing employees at the headquarters of Snap-On Tools in Kenosha.

He announced that the government is about to take "bold, new steps" to follow through on his pledge to "Buy American and Hire American".

The order is an attempt by Trump to carry out his "America First" campaign pledges to reform USA immigration policies and encourage the purchase of American products.

"The result has been countless jobs and countless contracts that have been lost to cheap, subsidized and low-quality foreign goods", he added.

There have been several bills introduced in recent months to reform the H-1B visa system, including a bipartisan bill from Senators Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin who have been pushing to revamp the program for years. "They voted to bring back their jobs, and to bring back their dreams into our country", Trump said.

The new order will now seek to strengthen requirements that American-made products be used in certain federal construction projects and in various federal transportation grant-funded projects.

In the upcoming executive order, Trump is expected to have the Department of Homeland Security, the agency that issues the H-1B visa, to further review their conditions for awarding. It urges these departments to propose reforms to ensure H-1B visas are awarded to the most skilled or highest paid applicant, reported Reuters. "The Administration should come to the Congress and work with us on changing the law", Pascrell said. "And his two high-profile executive orders cracking down on immigration from predominantly Muslim nations have been stymied by the courts", the paper pointed out.

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