Trudeau defends supply management, wants 'fact' based trade talk with US

Trudeau told Bloomberg that the US enjoys a trade surplus on dairy with Canada, and that the country "wasn't the challenge" for USA dairy farmers.

The U.S. president took aim at Canada's dairy industry this week for creating a new lower-priced classification of milk product that he argues hurts U.S. producers. On lumber, cheaper Canadian wood has reduced the cost of US homes but also caused recurring legal spats with the USA industry that alleges product-dumping.

Trump's comments were the second time this week he has put Canada's dairy industry in his sights after earlier vowing to defend American farmers who have been hurt by Canada's protectionist trade practices.

About 75 Wisconsin dairy farmers have watched their market dry up.

Speaking in Wisconsin on Tuesday, Trump criticized some recent moves by the Canadian dairy industry. "It's a disaster. It's a trading disaster", said Trump in the Oval Office.

The Canadian government protects its dairy industry through import tariffs and other measures, and dairy farmers in Canada have recently slashed some of their prices to undercut United States dairy farmers.

US President Donald Trump has delivered another broadside against Canada and this one is the most sweeping yet. Ben Loewith, dairy farmer.

President Donald Trump singled out Canadian dairy industry trade practices on Thursday, bashing America's northern neighbor for their rules on imported dairy products.

Trade lawyer Lawrence Herman is no fan of supply management.

And as for oil, she described the stable supply from Canada as a job-creating lifeblood of the US economy.

Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland, in Toronto Thursday to speak to a meeting of the Public Policy Forum, a high-level think tank, said that despite some of the rhetoric on the trade file, the Trudeau government has developed "very good lines of communication" with the new USA administration.

"(Trump is) a little bit unlike many politicians", the prime minister said, acknowledging the magnitude of his understatement amid laughter from the crowd. The letter didn't say how many NY producers are affected.

Canada is not the problem for USA dairy producers and will stick with its system of protectionist dairy quotas, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says. "We will judge American policy when American policy is announced". On the other hand, David MacNaughton highlighted his point to deny the allegations through the report published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture dairy outlook.

In this context, it remains to be hoped that President Trump's negotiators assigned to the reopening and renegotiation of NAFTA will ignore their boss's prejudices.

Canada has regularly said it's willing to renegotiate Nafta and that certain parts of the pact could use an update.

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