Sessions: If Mexico Doesn't Pay for Wall, US Undocumented Will

Sessions: If Mexico Doesn't Pay for Wall, US Undocumented Will

Sessions: If Mexico Doesn't Pay for Wall, US Undocumented Will

Sessions said the construction of the wall would be "the end of illegality" and charged that Democrats would be exclusively responsible in the event of a government shutdown on Saturday due to a disagreement over the border barrier.

As you may recall, Sessions was perturbed that Derrick Watson, a federal judge serving in Hawaii, blocked Donald Trump's latest attempt at a Muslim ban.

"I know there's US$4 billion a year in excess payments, according to the Department of the Treasury's own inspector general several years ago, that are going to payments to people - tax credits that they shouldn't get", Sessions said.

The controversy over Sessions' description of Hawaii erupted on Tuesday. "He told me to secure the Southwest border-all of our borders, and, of course, focusing now on the Southwest border-and to take the worst of those that are in our country illegally, take them-look for them and deport them".

Mayor Steve Adler announced today that he and other US mayors will be meeting Tuesday in D.C. with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, hoping for clarity on what the Trump Administration considers a "sanctuary city". Senator Mazie Hirono said the remark was "dangerous, ignorant and prejudiced" and an attack "against the very tenets of our constitution and democracy". "He is responsible for protecting America", Sessions said. "We're going to defend that order all the way up and so you do have a situation in which one judge out of 700 in America has stopped this order".

"Dear "Attorney General" Sessions", Lieu wrote on his Twitter account.

People, especially those from Hawaii, were not amused. "ICE detainer requests are just that - requests", said the mayor, "and holding undocumented immigrants without a warrant is purely voluntary, and some courts have called it unconstitutional".

On Friday, Sessions said that he did not mean to criticize the state and was merely "raising the point of that issue of a single judge taking such a dramatic action and the impact that it could have", he told CNN.

Sessions stirred up controversy this week when he referred to Hawaii as an "island in the Pacific" to conservative radio host Mark Levin on his program.

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