Scottish National Party could 'lose 10 seats' to Tories

The Tories are urging Scots to send a message to Sturgeon that they do not want another independence referendum.

Last night, a Scottish Conservative source branded the claims "bizarre", adding: "Coming from the party leader who had to suspend two of her MPs in the last two years, her allegations of wrong-doing sound very thin indeed".

The poll results, which support claims from senior Tories privately that they could win 10 seats, may explain why the SNP has devoted much time in recent days to targeting Scottish leader Ruth Davidson.

"A campaign called by the prime minister last week for one objective and one goal only: to strengthen the grip of the Tory party and crush dissent and opposition, and to do so before possible criminal prosecutions for alleged expenses fraud at the last general election catches up with her".

The Lib Dems on 5% (-3) would see their tally rise from one to two, with former equalities minister Jo Swinson beating the SNP's John Nicolson, a former broadcaster.

Significantly, 30 per cent of those who voted Yes at the last independence referendum and Leave in the European Union referendum are among those who do not want to see another Scottish poll.

In her address to the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) in Aviemore later, SNP leader Ms Sturgeon will insist the election in Scotland is "a two-horse race between the SNP and hard-line Tories".

Among the seats where the Tories are threatening to make gains is Moray, where 49.9 percent of voters backed Leave past year, and Pete Wishart's Perth and North Perthshire constituency.

Support for Labour has dropped to 13% from 14% last month and just over 24% in 2015. The survey found 46 percent of respondents had no desire for another plebiscite, with 44 percent supporting one either in the fall of 2018 or sometime after.

John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde university, said: "The Scots Tory revival continues apace - and is now on a scale that could threaten the SNP's vice-like grip on Scottish representation on Westminster".

Mr Corbyn promised to restore power to the unions, saying he would repeal the Trade Union Act introduced by David Cameron, which makes it more hard for workers to take strike action. "So also, it seems, is its tough stance on Brexit". However, she would be wrong to do so.

The figure puts support for independence below the 45% that was recorded in the independence referendum in September 2014.

Last August, the split was 53 per cent for to 47 per cent against independence.

"Survation's latest poll in Scotland on behalf of the Sunday Post shows the Scottish Conservatives at their highest level in either a Survation Westminster or a Holyrood (the devolved parliament) voting intention ever", Survation said in a statement. And it is a development that is leaving less and less space for an increasingly beleaguered Labour Party.

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