Indian government proposes 'unique identity' for cows

Indian government proposes 'unique identity' for cows

Indian government proposes 'unique identity' for cows

In its report, the Centre also highlighted the issue of cow protection and smuggling of cattle across India-Bangladesh border. Certain recommendations in the report were given by a Committee headed by Joint Secretary of Home Ministry. The committee further said special care should be given to cattle beyond the age of milking.

The report also made it clear that it will be the responsibility of state governments to ensure the safety of abandoned animals.

"Every district should have a shelter home of the capacity of at least 500 animals for abandoned animals". The technician will then update the 12-digit identification number with the help of an online database and also provide the cattle owner with all the information regarding the cow.

Got a cow, get her an Aadhar like Unique Identification Number. "Each animal (should) be tagged with a unique identification number with proper records of identification details such as age, breed, sex, lactation, height, body, colour, horn type, tail switch, special mark etc", says the report. The panel has suggested that the state governments will have to fund these facilities for cows. "The existing shelter homes lack facility and human resources", it stated.

Increased cattle smuggling and cow protection concern have propelled government to look into the matter and propose a Unique Identification Numbering for the cows across the country. An "animal health card" bearing the UID number, details of the cattle owner and the status of the animal's health, would be given to the owner.

Further, reports claim that almost one lakh technicians have been armed with 50,000 tablets.

The technicians will place polyurethane tag inside the ears of cows with tag applicator.

The ambitious project will be concluded by the end of this year and comes at a cost of Rs 148 crore.

If the reports are to be believed, beginning this year almost one lack technicians are affixing 12digit tags in the ears of cattle.

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