Judge blocks sound engineer's release of Prince EP

On Tuesday, it was announced that a new five-track collection of unheard Prince studio recordings from 2006-2008 called Deliverance would be released on Friday, coinciding with the one year anniversary of the icon's death. I, like Ian [sound engineer George Ian Boxill who worked on the tracks], feel Deliverance is a very timely song and believe it will bring comfort to many in these trying times.

However, a suit stated Boxill entered into an agreement where Prince retained ownership of the music.

A year since Prince's sudden passing from an accidental overdose of painkillers, the music legend's estate is blocking the release of unpublished tracks.

A United States District Court judge in Minnesota sided with the estate placing a restraining order on the release of the EP until May 3 when a hearing will be held to determine the next course of action, Rolling Stone reported.

According to TMZ, a federal judge is reportedly on the estate's side and has ruled that Boxill has allegedly been told to give the recordings back to them.

Prince's estate will have to argue its case further next week to stop the music from being released in the future. "Therefore the Deliverance single will continue to be sold", Matthew Wilson, a lawyer for the label, said in a statement to the publication.

Fans had already had access to the EP's title track online, but a letter sent by Boxill's lawyers stated that the song is no longer available. It's not clear whether the temporary restraining order extends through June 2, when the CD was scheduled to go on sale at Walmart, Target and other retailers.

And then, in February, Prince's estate made a deal with Universal Music Group for his music made after 1995, which includes some 25 albums.

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