Carter Page: Reports on Trump campaign, Russian Federation are 'false narratives'

Carter Page: Reports on Trump campaign, Russian Federation are 'false narratives'

Carter Page: Reports on Trump campaign, Russian Federation are 'false narratives'

Page was courted extensively by Russian officials, CNN said. In 2013, he met with a Russian spy who admitted that he tried to recruit Page to operate for Moscow.

Page disputes the idea that he has ever collected intelligence for the Russians, saying he helped the United States intelligence community.

Ever since the alleged ties between Trump associates and Russian intelligence became a matter of public scrutiny, Page has been a key figure in the scandal.

U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that state-sponsored Russian hackers were responsible for the hacks, which drove public opinion downward about both the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign.

For months, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been monitoring the communications of Carter Page, a former adviser to U.S. President Donald Trump. (2) Further, Page met with Russian oil company Rosneft, and CEO Igor Sechin (a Putin ally) dangled a 19% share of Rosneft in front of Page in exchange for him pushing to lift USA sanctions on Russia.

"It is the same Fake News Media that said there is "no path to victory for Trump" that is now pushing the phony Russian Federation story".

Documents on the energy industry were handed over but Mr Page said he shared only "basic immaterial information and publicly available research documents".

It was also revealed on Sunday that Trump's lawyer, Don McGahn, told Page to "immediately cease" calling himself an adviser, as Russian Federation concerns intensified following the election, according to a letter obtained by Fox News.

Lawmakers, including Maxine Waters, have also cited the dossier, indicating that those with inside information may have seen further evidence corroborating the charges.

Page, who left the campaign in September, appeared in the "Trump Dossier" created by a former British intelligence operative working for a US political research group.

"I think the bigger meddling in the election was what was done against me and potentially others", he said.

Yes, Carter Page could have been the spark for all of this suspicion that's leading to the unearthing of legitimately unsettling ties and possible collusion. "He's never met Trump, never briefed him". CNN's Jake Tapper reported back in January that a different Michael Cohen had made that trip. Sam Clovis, co-chairman of the campaign, helped gather the names that the candidate used.

To be clear, the meetings took place two years before Trump entered the presidential race.

A U.S. official with close ties to the campaign says Page's claim he spent time on the fifth floor is meaningless since the campaign no longer used that floor starting in early July. The officials would not say what or how much was corroborated.

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