Tesla to build 14 Superchargers in Korea this year: Global Sales Head

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Tesla to build 14 Superchargers in Korea this year: Global Sales Head

Tesla is recalling 53,000 of its Model X and Model S vehicles built between February and October 2016.

On the other hand in the middle of this legal battle, Tesla recalled around 53,000 Model S and Model X cars to fix a problem with the parking brake.

The part in question is "a small gear" manufactured by a third-party supplier, Electrek said. It also added that if the gear breaks, vehicle would keep moving, but parking brake would be stuck in place.

Tesla Global Sales & Service President Jonathan McNeill said during a visit to Tesla Korea this week, that the US -based electric vehicle maker will be installing fourteen Supercharger stations in Korea this year.

Tesla shares fell 1% to settle at $302.51 in NY following the recall disclosure.

The Palo Alto, Calif. -based company said it would alert affected customers of the recall via mail and email, which will inform them on how to replace the parking brakes.

Tesla's total production for 2016 was 83,922 vehicles and included both Model S and Model X.

"Service capacity will not be an issue", a Tesla spokeswoman said in an email, noting that the mobile technicians will be able to handle the fix.

Elon Musk's innovative auto firm has said the decision was made on a voluntary basis and there was no reports of any accidents or injuries caused by the defect.

The Tesla recall is global and includes 53,000 vehicles.

To see full details on the current recall, Tesla owners can visit the company's Recall Information page. Tesla's plan to install 14 Superchargers across Korea in a year is considered somewhat aggressive compared to its move in Japan where it has taken about two years to build 14 fast-charging stations since the company installed the country's first Supercharger in 2014. Tesla Motors itself has recalled 90,000 vehicles in November 2015 due to a faulty seatbelt, and Mercedes recalled 1 million vehicles over fire hazards due to some starter components in vehicles sold between 2015 and 2017.

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