WWe wrestlers Big Show and Braun Strowman break the ring in Ohio

WWE News Roman Reigns Returns Just Four Days After 'Monday Night Raw' Braun Strowman Beating

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During the main event of Monday Night Raw this week, the WWE ring collapsed. Watch the videos above, and proudly soak in this uniquely American spectacle.

Well, it wasn't just the fireworks that would explode, as once Strowman took Big Show down with a superplex from the top rope, the entire ring exploded!

The Strowman/Big Show ring implosion angle from last night has gotten mainstream attention from a variety of outlets including ESPN.

Part of the fun of professional wrestling is seeing two absolute mammoth human beings throw hams at each other like a Christmas Day food fight.

WWE creative have been constantly booking Braun Strowman in the recent past as the next big tough man of the network to push his feud with company baby face, Roman Reigns. Then further still, scariest person I've ever laid eyes on Brock Lesnar did the same thing to Show during the June 12th, 2003 episode of 'WWE Smackdown'.

In 2011, it was Mark Henry and Big Show.

"We did a spot right before we broke the ring where we're both down and they shoot a real close-up of both of us selling", Big Show told Jericho.

It takes a strong person to throw down in the WWE ring and it takes two REALLY strong people to break it.

Due to the the fact the ring was destroyed, the match between the two big men ended in a no contest. Of course someone going by the name The Big Show can not possibly be injured that easily. Fans want to see Braun Strowman beat Roman Reigns and finally put him on a stretcher before coming back screaming "I'm not finished with you" once again.

Big Show has been involved in three WWE ring collapses.

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