NCAA returns events to NC after state rolls back LGBT law

It was probably too much to expect the NCAA to immediately allow games to take place in the state again while also rewarding them with regional games, and that did not happen.

The organization pulled championships from the state previous year in response to HB2.

Cary landed the Soccer College Cup in 2019 and 2021 and the Division 2 Baseball Championship in 2019. Those were reinstated by the NCAA after the end of HB 2.

The NCAA says it received more than 3,000 bid submissions and awarded 613 sites a NCAA event. I think for sure they'll bring some of their championships here. Now, with crossed fingers, we just have to hold out hope going forward that members of North Carolina General Assembly won't trip over themselves at the expense of the state.

At the time the NCAA said its board would have preferred an unconditional repeal of House Bill 2 and that a majority of the board "reluctantly" chose to return to North Carolina.

At the time, the NCAA said its events must "promote an inclusive atmosphere for all college athletes, coaches, administrators and fans". "It's a shame to see that those concerns have already fallen by the wayside".

"We are actively determining site selections, and this new law has minimally achieved a situation where we believe NCAA championships may be conducted in a nondiscriminatory environment", the NCAA Board of Governors stated in a release earlier this month. The men's West Regional will be played in San Francisco, which has not been a tournament site since 1960, while Fort Worth, Texas, which hasn't been a tournament site since 1970, will host 2022 first- and second-round games.

Silver said Charlotte getting the 2019 game is "not a done deal yet", as the city will need to show when it resubmits its bid that it will adhere to the NBA's anti-discrimination policy.

Some businesses withdrew plans for expansion, concerts were cancelled and the National Basketball Association moved the all-star game out of Charlotte to New Orleans.

Prior being stripped of its NCAA March Madness hosting duties in 2017, N.C. had hosted the opening rounds in 11 of the previous 13 seasons.

The PNC Arena in Raleigh was also chosen to host the first two rounds of the 2021 men's basketball tournaments, among other NCAA championship events. Those games were relocated to Greenville, South Carolina, which had been banned from hosting events for years before that was lifted following the removal of a Confederate flag from state capitol grounds in 2015.

2019 also will mark a return of men's tournament action to sites that have not recently hosted the event.

More than 77,000 signatures were signed to a petition on behalf of the ACLU, and that petition was sent to the NCAA last week.

HB2 ordered that people at a government-run facility must use bathrooms that correspond to the gender on their birth certificate.

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