Jinder Mahal No.1 contender for WWE Championship


Jinder Mahal No.1 contender for WWE Championship

Raise your hand if you thought Jinder Mahal would ever get a WWE Title shot.

Naomi then entered and told Charlotte that she'd be happy to face her for the Women's Championship.

WWE Champion Randy Orton comes face-to-face with his new No. 1 contender before calling out Bray Wyatt ahead of their House of Horrors Match at WWE Payback. It would be interesting to see whether the creative let the Queen go on a title hunt right after her debut on Smackdown Live. Interestingly, on SmackDown Live on Tuesday night, there is a number one contender Six-Pack Challenge and the rumored victor should be a huge surprise to most WWE fans.

As determined on SmackDown Live tonight, Naomi will defend her SmackDown Women's Championship title against Charlotte Flair next week. That was after Mahal accidentally concussed Finn Balor in his final RAW match. The live telecast will take place on Ten 2 Network at 5.30 AM whereas Taking Smack will follow at 8.30 AM. Zayn nearly had the match won when two men (the Bollywood Boyz) came out from underneath the ring and grabbed Zayn's feet, allowing Mahal to grab a cobra clutch slam for the pin and the title shot. The former four-time Raw Women's Champion made history with Sasha Banks on several occasions, from a Hell in a Cell match to an Iron Man match. Charlotte then attacked Naomi and posed with the belt, but Naomi retaliated and ran Charlotte off. However, he never really got a chance to win a title while on Monday nights.

He took on local competitor Gary Gandy and dropped him with a "pop-up powerbomb" to win in 30 seconds. The match will take place at "Backlash 2017" on May 21.

Finally, United STates champion Kevin Owens was ready to compete...against anyone who wasn't a seasoned veteran of Smackdown.

The Phenomenal One and The Lone Wolf clash in this week's main event, with Kevin Owens watching from ringside. Corbin soon found himself shoulder first in the steel post allowing AJ Styles the opening. The two stars brawled and ended up outside the ring, but the referee jumped in and stopped the fight.

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