Iowa Lawmakers Show Support of Equal Pay Day

This breakdown looks even worse than the data from 2014, but Wyoming Women's Foundation Program Associate Rebekah Smith said she has a few anecdotal examples of women moving toward wage parity. A lifetime of lower pay burdens women's retirement savings, economic opportunities, access to healthcare, and overall quality of life.

Equal Pay Day leaves many wondering how long it could take to close the wage gap.

If the wage gap were eliminated, on average, a Black women would earn enough money for nearly 2.5 more years of child care, three years of more food for her family and almost two dozen more months of rent. Here in the United States, women make of influence 80% of all consumer spending decisions. The answer is upsetting, yes, but also important to fully uncover in the journey to equality for all.

"#EqualPayDay is a reminder that women deserve equal pay for equal work". Nationally, an Hispanic woman makes 54 cents and an African-American woman makes 63 cents for every dollar a white man makes. "For Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, that number is 60 cents". They work hard every day at every kind of work there is.

U.S. Census data from 2016 suggests that women in the state earn just 64 cents for every dollar earned by a man. The number of working women living in poverty would be cut in half.

Jacquette M. Timmons, financial behaviorist and author of "Financial Intimacy" says Black women need to speak up to get what they want. As TIME reports, "Hispanic women are not projected to achieve equal pay until 2248".

An analysis from NWLC pointed to significant ethnic disparities in the Garden State when comparing women's earnings to those of white men.

April 4 is Equal Pay Day, which was established by the National Committee on Pay Equity (NCPE) to bring national awareness to the continuing gap between men's and women's wages.

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