Facebook is for all: Zuckerberg takes a jab at Snapchat

Articles Snapchat Fiasco When Patriotism Sees No Reason
By Shresth Vardhan

Articles Snapchat Fiasco When Patriotism Sees No Reason By Shresth Vardhan

According to a lawsuit filing made public last week, Spiegel told former employee Anthony Pompliano that he didn't want to expand into "poor countries like India and Spain". "It's available worldwide to download for free", they said.

The Twitter-verse is exploding over a tweet made my Mukesh Ambani in response to alleged comments made by Snap CEO Evan Spiegel about not prioritising growth in countries like India and Spain because of them being "poor" countries. "This app is only for rich people", Spiegel is alleged to have said.

In a subtle jab at Spiegel, Zuckerberg told TechCrunch on the sidelines of the annual Facebook F8 developer conference in San Jose on Tuesday: "I think one thing that people probably don't think about as much as we do is innovation to serve everyone in the community, not just the high end, right?"

Pompliano worked at Snapchat for three weeks and filed his lawsuit in January.

In spite of the denial, angry Snapchat users took to the internet. Hashtags like #BoycottSnapchat and #Uninstall Snapchat have also started trending on Facebook and Twitter. Users have taken to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to voice their disapproval through one-star reviews.

In 2013, a different group of hackers released a database of what it claimed contained 4.6 million Snapchat users, revealing usernames and passwords.

However, many people downgraded and uninstalled the mobile application of e-commerce platform Snapdeal instead of Snapchat in a mist of confusion to mark their protest against the comment made by Snapchat CEO about the Indian market.

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