Man countersues Trump, says he urged Ky. protesters' removal

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Man countersues Trump, says he urged Ky. protesters' removal

Last year, at a pro-Trump rally in Louisville, Alvin Bamberger, a 75-year-old Trump supporter, allegedly assaulted Kashiya Nwanguma, a protester. "Bamberger would not have acted as he did without Trump and/or the Trump Campaign's specific urging and inspiration".

"If Bamberger is adjudged liable to Nwanguma for his actions, Trump and/or the Trump campaign should be adjudged liable to Bamberger in an equal sum, because Trump and/or the Trump campaign urged and inspired Bamberger to act as he did", read the lawsuit.

But the attorneys also made a claim against the president and his campaign, observing that throughout the 2016 election Trump repeatedly urged supporters to expel protesters, and once hinted he would pay any legal fees of those who did. The plaintiffs argue they were just there to "peacefully protest". However, his attorneys said that his comments were not directed at the crowd.

Thus, Heimbach believed Trump was "legally within his rights to ask other attendees to assist in defending their own constitutional rights against "protesters" who were disrupting", according to the suit.

"Trump and/or the Trump campaign urged and inspired Bamberger to act as he did."
During the altercation, Trump shouted "get out" and "get 'em out of here!"

Bamberger acknowledged he "touched" a woman but denied assaulting anyone. Video of the rally, Heimbach wrote, "features yours truly helping the crowd drive out one of the women who had been pushing, shoving, barking, and screaming at the attendees for the better part of an hour".

Pence is a former lieutenant governor of Kentucky.

Trump's response also says he's immune as president from such suits.

If anyone was injured, Trump's attorneys argue, it was not because of anything the then-candidate said during the rally.

Politico first reported the court filings Friday night. Earlier this month, a federal judge ruled that the suit could move forward, ruling that he found ample facts supporting allegations that the protesters' injuries were a "direct and proximate result" of Trump's actions. However, they say Trump was instructing his security team, not the crowd.

Bamberger is accused of shoving the protester as she was leaving the rally.

All three men have been charged with harassment with physical contact Nwanguma. However all three men live out of state and misdemeanor charges don't allow for them to be extradited.

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