In a pitch ideal 'Girls' finale, Hannah emerges as a woman

Jesss favorite Girls boy

Yoshi is Jess's favorite Girls boy

"With kindness and inspiration she led all of us and the result is something I am so proud of". Shosh is getting married, for Christ's sake.

"You know what? You're being kind of a fuckhead."-Hannah, to her newborn".

"Latching", the series finale, was as fitting an ending as anyone could have asked for.

The creators said it was actually Judd Apatow's idea to do what Konner called a "spinof that will never be", with Hannah (Dunham) raising her new baby Grover, with help from her mother (Becky Ann Baker) and Marnie (Allison Williams). And while courtship of the under-30 set in NY is dominated by online dating and an allergy to long-term commitment, the relationships on "Girls" proceeded with nary a Tinder swipe - and not one, but two characters involved in quickie marriages.

The television series, which was created by and starred Lena Dunham, concluded her character and new mom Hannah Horvath leaving behind Brooklyn to head upstate in NY to become a professor of internet writing.

Marnie masturbating with a British accent was a little much for me. In the end, the finale treated those stories as tertiary compared to the trials and tribulations of Hannah and Marnie's relationship. The entire finale is concerned with her still coming to grips with accepting her role as a mother. Hannah bargains in a way I might have, had my husband mentioned enjoying himself for just one night - does Marnie want to eat cheese at home? As Marnie bluntly points out, Elijah is nowhere to be seen. It also speaks to a truth that we tend to sometimes help out others first because we can't help ourselves. Once Hannah got it in her head to move to a bucolic college town upstate and raise the baby outside walking distance from a 16 Paddles, the deal was off. Adam and Jessa are probably off somewhere snuggled in a love cocoon after almost being derailed by Adam's brief return to Hannah. She wants to have a night out to herself, and explains to Hannah very gingerly that she wants to go out without Hannah to see a live jazz trio and eat cheese.

The relationship disintegrates rapidly, which is to be expected, since Marnie's insistence on singing Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car" as they drove from the hospital is basically an unprovoked act of war. The basic plot of the episode: Grover refused to latch onto Hannah and breastfeed. From its first episode, Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow's creation always played with numerous traditional sitcom tropes of TV past in ways that made it extremely intriguing despite having very few likable characters. It would be tempting to show motherhood as a cure-all for Hannah's less-than-helpful personal quirks. Another Loreen quote, but she speaks so much truth!

I'm not sure what exact shape it will take, but I'd be willing to bet it will have to do with her trademark brand of white women making mistakes and learning from them with a kind of transparency that may or may not conflate honesty with exhibitionism.

But, she just decides: "This is my baby".

But there were other ways to stay true to the show's tone, and deliver Hannah into this new chapter in her life.

On a nighttime walk, Hannah encounters a runaway teen. It takes time. And Hannah apparently has that epiphany when telling the girl to just go and do her homework - and then also telling her to just go and screw her boyfriend.

At first, Hannah is warm and motherly, a routine she's been doing a lot of lately in situations like Loreen's edible bender. She has always needed to be loved. (Like so many spin-offs, this one has a dubious premise.) The show then jumps ahead five months, and the two are now holed up together taking care of Hannah's six-week old son Grover (so named at erstwhile father Paul-Louis's recommendation), who is refusing to latch.

While Hannah was walking off her anger during an hours-long stroll around the neighborhood, she came across a young teenager in distress running away from a house in her underwear. Meanwhile, she treats Marnie like a human punching bag. Marnie reinforces that notion to her later.

When Girls premiered on April 15, 2012 I instantly fell in love with Hannah Horvath.

The series finale of Girls is tonight and I'm here to say that no matter what happens, it's been an awesome final season. Ending the show with only Hannah and Marnie, the only real friends throughout all six seasons, is an alright choice, but leaving out any sort of ending for more interesting characters, especially Adam, was disappointing. It's like a complete thought with an ellipsis at the end.

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