Facts about Justice Neil Gorsuch and the Supreme Court

According to the Blaze, Gorsuch did address the crowd, though briefly, saying thanking the President, his family, and his staff, and said that he is "humbled by the trust placed in me today". Kagan has said of her door-opening duties: "Literally, if there is a knock on the door and I don't hear it there will not be a single other person who will move". "Justice Scalia was a patriot who revered our Constitution". It was the first time a sitting justice swore in a former clerk to join him as a colleague on the high court bench.

Yolo County, in the Sacramento Valley, maintains a similarly stringent concealed-carry permit policy. Gorsuch served as the personal lawyer for mega-billionaire Philip Anschutz, who prevailed on the Bush administration to place Gorsuch on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006, setting the stage for his subsequent elevation to the highest court.

As the ultimate outcome of the Neil M. Gorsuch nomination-confirmation process was never in doubt, the most common reaction to Friday's dropping of the proverbial shoe was probably relief. Scalia's death in February 2016 set in motion the political battle that led first to Senate Republicans blocking any consideration of Judge Merrick Garland for the position and then to Gorsuch's eventual confirmation. I applaud conservatives in the Senate for showing leadership and changing the rules to go around the liberal's filibuster and bring Judge Gorsuch's confirmation up for a simple majority vote. Senate Democrats had adopted a similar majority rules maneuver in 2013 for lower-level judicial and executive branch candidates.

Gorsuch's wife, Louise, and two teenage daughters were present for the swearing-in ceremony.

Yesterday (Monday), US President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was sworn in and the majority of Supreme Court justices returned to the conservatives. The oath was administered during the White House ceremony by Justice Anthony Kennedy, whom Gorsuch once served as a law clerk.

Trump also seemed to make a point of praising the 80-year-old Kennedy, whose own long-term plans come under sharper focus with Gorsuch's ascension. He will soon cast a vote in a series of blockbuster cases involving LGBTQ rights, abortion access, voter suppression, union dues, campaign finance law, environmental regulation, and separation of church and state.

The Colorado Supreme Court last August declined to review the case, agreeing with a Colorado Court of Appeals decision that said the shop could continue to enforce its religious beliefs, but not while operating as a business in Colorado. Trinity Lutheran Church is suing against the exclusion of church-affiliated schools from a state program to fund safety materials for playgrounds.

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