Christians celebrate Easter across conflict-torn Mideast

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That connects with the church's view that every Sunday is a celebration of Easter. In words of St. Augustine, it is the festival of all festivals. How a bunny, baskets and eggs got connected with Easter These Kids Are Absolutely Terrified of the Easter Bunny Whether celebrating by attending church or taking a picture with the Easter Bunny, here's how celebrities are feting the holiday. Bishop explained the meaning of the variety of symbols used in the liturgy. "Love, tolerance and brotherhood should be our first priority in our dealings with others", he said, adding that Christ's coming to life from death is a sign of victory for the downtrodden, the impoverished and the sick. The great Easter Proclamation was sung by Rev. Fr. Richard.

Processions marking the resurrection were also held in churches.

He said, "Easter is an occasion of rejoicing, thanks giving and sacrifice to the teachings of Christ". It says that those things do not enslave us. "From my family and I to you and your family, Happy Easter".

Devout Christians celebrate Easter after observing a 40-day period of Lent, a season of abstinence, that includes a host of significant days including Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Alex Nilamboor, a TV cameraman, said that his wife and children spent Easter at Marthoma Church in Church in Sharjah for mass early on Sunday morning.

Fr. D' Souza SJ, in his homily, said obedience to God is a blessing and disobedience to God will lead to disaster.

People belonging to other communities also attended the service.

Christians celebrate Easter commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, as mentioned in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. He said life on earth is a pilgrimage where we must remain faithful to inherit eternal life.

"This second chance is our hope of freedom".

During this time of year we hear a lot about this one called Jesus Christ.

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