Pentagon releases video of 'mother of all bombs' being dropped in Afghanistan

In an April 13 statement, the US military said the GBU-43 bomb was dropped at 7:32 p.m. local time on an IS tunnel complex in Achin district, close to the border with Pakistan.

A GBU-43/B is the largest and most powerful non-nuclear satellite guided bomb in the arsenal of the United States and was developed at the start of the Iraq war in 2003.

The bomb, twice the size of the nuke dropped on Hiroshima, was used on an ISIS tunnel target, the Pentagon confirmed.

The US has used "the mother of all bombs" to attack a tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan, killing 36 Islamic State group fighters.

Massive Ordinance Air Blast - is also known as the "Mother Of All bombs".

Wali said dozens of other villagers also came out of homes and later he went near the border, where he met with other residents.

The strike came just days after a Green Beret was killed fighting ISIS in Nangarhar, however, a US defense official told Fox News the bombing had nothing to do with that casualty.

The huge bomb, delivered via an MC-130 transport plane, has a blast yield equivalent to 11 tons of TNT, and the weapon was originally designed as much to intimidate foes as to clear broad areas.

The bombardment took place amid rising global tensions as the USA military steps up raids against global jihadist groups.

"It was really another successful job, we are very proud of our military". It is said to be four times more powerful than the MOAB.

"Towering flames engulfed the area". "Pleased Air Force dropped MOAB against ISIL in Afghanistan".

Afghan government spokesman Shah Hussain Murtazawi said: "Heavy casualties have been inflicted on the enemy".

Spicer added that they used all necessary precaution to avoid civilian casualties and collateral damage.

The Islamic State group's news agency Aamaq denied that the strike caused any deaths or wounded in a one-line statement put out on its social media channels, citing a "source" within the group.

However, experts say it has struggled to build a wide political base and the indigenous support it expected in Afghanistan.

It added to concerns among investors already wary of risks over Syria and North Korea, as well as the outcome of the French presidential election.

"We have nothing officially on this so far, but the goal this year is to annihilate Daesh in the east and any other part of Afghanistan", ministry spokesman Mohammad Radmanesh said, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State.

Thursday's strike was not the first time Islamic State fighters have been targeted by heavy American bombardment in Nangarhar, where a USA special forces soldier was killed battling militants a week ago.

The U.S. maintains over 8,000 troops in Afghanistan, training local forces and conducting counterterrorism operations.

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