Upgrading to Windows 10 is still free, if you use this loophole

Today's the day when Microsoft officially kicks off the rollout of its latest Windows 10 feature update, known as the Creators Update and/or 1703.

But once you've downloaded and installed the update, you might notice your hard drive has filled up a few extra gigabytes. According to PC Advisor, live streamers are also getting a new application to use, thanks to the company's recent acquisition of Beam, with which Microsoft is hoping will become a strong alternative towards Youtube Gaming or Twitch.

Microsoft has created the Windows 10 ISO files page so that folks who don't have a Windows device, and therefore can't use the Media Creation Tool, can still get Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Windows 10 Creators Update ISO files.

As an additional piece of the pie, the users of Windows 10 creator's update, users can now download apps on their Xbox One from the PCs.

Microsoft recently opened up Windows 10 resources for information technology (IT) pros as the software giant is preparing to deliver the "creators update (v. 1703)" on coming Tuesday.

Back then, the update was described as being "forced" upon users - even crashing some older PCs.

The Windows 10 Creators Update will start rolling out to users around the world today, and given the improvements, additions and upgrades that it brings, it looks like an important download for all users. Seeing how convenient this new method can be, reports suggest many users opting for it to complete the otherwise tedious process of setting up Windows. Or do you still want more from Microsoft?

You can toggle access to the camera, microphone, location, and other settings - often at a per application level as well as globally.

In 2016, Microsoft also made public its plans to bring its digital assistant to all Windows 10 IoT Core smart gadgets with screens as part of its Home Hub project. Every single Windows 10 machine will eventually be forcibly updated to Creators Update. These commands could be related to a wide variety of features such as mapping, reminders, news, events, dictionaries, and more. When you get a list of options, tick "Previous Windows installations", and run the program.

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