Splatoon 2 Has a New Co-op Mode Where You Fight Crazy Salmon

Nintendo stated they weren't going to include a browser on the Switch, but the fact that the console can link to Facebook proves that there is the ability to access the internet present - it's just not easy to get to. It will be all about Splatoon 2 and ARMS so watch it live here for release dates and more information. Nintendo is now back to producing Nintendo Direct presentations to drum up support for the upcoming games being released.

Arms is a brand new IP from Nintendo, and it's a one-on-one 3D brawl where each character is equipped with a pair of springy arms and special abilities.

When "ARMS" was first announced, many gaming fans assumed that the video game would be a launch title for the Switch, but it was given a cryptic "spring" release instead. This will add a distinctive Nintendo touch to the proceedings, complete with familiar characters and blocky designs that pretty much let you put together your own magical Nintendo world within the game.

The Nintendo Direct presentation will air from the company's YouTube page in the USA at 3pm pacific time, 6pm eastern time, and in the United Kingdom at 11pm.

Now that Nintendo is through that hard launch period for a new piece of hardware, it can focus on other areas of the ecosystem including making lots of must-have first-party games.

In-game currency unlocks new arms and you can also mix and match your arms, lots of fun combinations can be created to mix things up.

Splatoon will be one of a few first-party Nintendo games to hit the Switch in 2017, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Nintendo's latest Direct ended with one of the Switch's most awaited titles, Splatoon 2.

Nintendo's Bug Bounty programme was launched for the 3DS past year, asking hackers to identify security flaws in the device's hardware and software. According to the Nintendo Direct page, it will also talk about the Switch and 3DS.

And you can play alongside friends as well, as Minecraft on Nintendo Switch will also support four-player co-op, so you can play alongside friends as you build new stuff and fend off against enemies as a group.

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