Donald Trump: Only time will tell on US-China trade

USA president Donald Trump has said his meetings with China's president Xi Jinping went well but regarding progress on trade "only time will tell".

The president is spending the weekend at his Florida resort after the two-day meetings with Mr Xi.

Most of all, South Korea and the U.S. should maintain close cooperation in whatever action is taken against the North. Those strikes added weight to Trump's threat last week to act unilaterally against North Korea's weapons program.

The New York Times reported last week that the Trump administration was looking to roll out its first measures against China on trade.

He did not elaborate on the progress or the problems. "Absolutely nothing", he said to laughs from the delegation. "Even though we say we oppose the bombing, deep in our hearts we are happy". It claims its nuclear weapons are a necessary deterrent to the USA military threat.

Later Friday, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said the US and China "agreed to increase cooperation and work with the global community to convince the DPRK to peacefully resolve the issue and abandon its illicit weapons programs".

If the results of the investigation show an impact, it could lead to more tariffs on imported goods, an administration official told CNN.

In the talks, Trump pressed Xi to do more to curb North Korea's nuclear program and the two agreed to a 100-day plan for trade talks aimed at boosting US exports and reducing the gaping USA trade deficit with Beijing.

"In terms of North Korea", he added, "we've been very clear that our objective is a denuclearized Korea peninsula".

In response, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson only offered a 23-word statement: "North Korea launched yet another intermediate range ballistic missile".

The pair discussed a range of issues, including North Korea, which the United States believes is trying to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the west coast of the US. It was the first direct US assault on the Russian-backed government of Bashar al-Assad in six years of civil war.

As with trade, it is likely that China will ably split the difference on the North Korean issue by constricting Pyongyang's financial lifeline, but fall short of completely suffocating the regime.

-China summit was upstaged by US missile strikes overnight against a Syrian air base from which Trump said a deadly chemical weapon attack had been launched.

Trump informed the Chinese leader personally of the strike as the 59 Tomahawk missiles were winding their way to the Shayrat airbase.

Was the first Xi-Trump summit a success for China? The attack against a Syrian air base was the first USA assault against the government of President Bashar Assad. "What we saw was a reaction to the use of chemical weapons, something I think many of us supported", he said.

Tensions have been even higher than usual over the past few weeks because annual war games between the USA and South Korean militaries are underway.

White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster told Fox News he also supported removing Assad, but said the U.S. was "not going to be the ones who effect that change".

But the two leaders did not hold a press conference.

Both the leaders are in Florida for their first series of face-to-face meetings, where talks on complex issues will take place.

Yet, with the recent changes in the cabinet after the revealed scandalous relations of certain figures with Russian Federation, a more pro-Israel stance gets strengthened in Trump's equip.

"This may be ambitious, but it's a big sea change in the pace of discussions", Ross said. But they offered no details about how they planned to achieve that.

Recognising the complexity of the issue, both sides agreed to a 100-day plan of marathon trade negotiations, which would allow the U.S. to cut its trade deficit without undermining existing economic ties with China. This week, Trump's top political strategist Steve Bannon was removed from the principals committee, while deputy national security adviser KT McFarland also appeared poised to step down.

US security concerns with China also focus on Beijing's expansive territorial claims in the strategic South China Sea.

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