Senate Confirms Gorsuch To Supreme Court

Senate Confirms Gorsuch To Supreme Court

Senate Confirms Gorsuch To Supreme Court

While Gorsuch acknowledged the rights of other groups protected by the Constitution, he avoided making the same claim about LGBTQ rights, choosing to either avoid answering, or simply state what the Supreme Court's precedent was, as he did for cases involving same-sex marriage or consensual adult sodomy. His swearing in ceremony is scheduled for next week. Gorsuch spent Friday in Colorado with his family.

Gorsuch's arrival at the court as the replacement for another conservative jurist will not immediately alter the majority that has edged the court in a more liberal direction of late, upholding affirmative action, striking down laws restricting access to abortion and declaring same-sex marriage to be protected by the Constitution.

The "nuclear" option eliminated the 60-vote filibuster for Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and future court picks.

Senate Republicans sold out their future to get Gorsuch confirmed, which means that they won the battle, but Democrats won the war to dismantle the tools of future Republican obstruction. Earlier, three Democrats voted with the 52 Republicans to advance Gorsuch's nomination for a vote.

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell then appealed the rule that 60 votes are necessary to bypass a filibuster.

A similar rule change was enacted by Democrats during former President Barack Obama's second term.

So Trump will have his justice in Gorsuch, 49, who absent the Garland fiasco might be more easily accepted by Democrats, as the party not in the White House generally respects the choice of the elected president, even if the president's choice would not be that of the other party. Gorsuch was one of three judges who presided over the case but did not write the decision.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said of the rules change that won approval: "It will make the cooling saucer of the Senate considerably hotter, and I believe it will make the Supreme Court a more partisan place". The American Bar Association rated him well-qualified for the position he assumed at age 38.

He served as a partner at a prestigious Washington Law firm, Kellogg, Huber as well as Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General. Trump himself predicted to reporters aboard Air Force One Thursday that "there could be as many as four" Supreme Court vacancies for him to fill during his administration.

Scalia died unexpectedly on February 13, 2016, while on vacation at a hunting resort in Shafter, TX. They wagered they could delay until after 2016's election and perhaps cement a right-wing court. Scalia believed that the Constitution was intended not to facilitate change but to make change more hard. He is an expansive thinker and a facile writer whose law clerks often go on to bigger and better things - including similar postings at the Supreme Court. He served as an appellate judge for nearly two decades and was well-regarded in legal circles.

Perhaps no ruling got more attention over the past 10 weeks than a case in which Gorsuch came down against a truck driver who was sacked for leaving his trailer of meat on the side of an IL road after breaking down on a frigid night in 2009 and fearing he would freeze to death.

Mr Gorsuch was confirmed within 65 days of his nomination, but the battle to appoint another justice to the court began with the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, a conservative rock star, in February past year.

The expected confirmation would give a boost to Trump. Hillary Clinton might have nominated Garland again - but then she might also have nominated someone much worse.

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