CNN's Jake Tapper Flings Refugee Contradiction At Ivanka Trump's Pro-Strike Tweet

Trump's newfound humanitarian concerns, Sime says, provides an opportunity "to reconsider the travel ban, to reconsider the cap on the total number of refugees who can enter this country, to reconsider the suspension on refugee resettlement in the United States, and to make our country again a welcoming country for refugees".

After the 2013 attack in eastern Ghouta, in which the Syrian government killed more than 1,000 people with chemical weapons, Trump penned dozens of tweets imploring President Barack Obama to do nothing.

In one such example, a young Syrian teenager has expressed his gratitude to US President Donald Trump by changing his Twitter profile picture. McMaster said that the refugee crisis "wasn't discussed as any part of the deliberations" for the strikes.

The Syrian Civil War started in 2011.

The cruise missiles struck, and many in the mainstream media fawned. If the president was moved to act by images of slaughtered Syrian children, Ms. Harris said those images "should also compel the administration to rethink its misguided refugee policy and open our doors to the children and families fleeing ongoing violence and oppression in Syria and elsewhere".

CNN's Jake Tapper immediately pointed out to the first daughter about the hypocrisy in her statement, citing the president's executive order, which denies entry to Syrian refugees into the United States.

"Smart", or not, Trump is finding that being president is a lot different from running for president.

The International Refugee Assistance Project, noting that the conflict in Syria has "caused the largest refugee crisis the world has ever seen", urged the president to develop a humanitarian response.

In light of President Donald Trump's deadly attack against Syria Thursday evening, a local news organization in California talked to a Syrian refugee.

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