Delta cancels 275 more flights days after storm disruptions

Those cancelations come after about 3,000 flights had already been canceled nationwide this week, leaving passengers desperate to get to their destinations frustrated and exhausted.

Delta Airlines, whose hub is in Atlanta, said in a statement that approximately 275 flights have been canceled on Saturday, with more cancelations possible. Several cancellations and delays led to a lot of frustration for people who were trying to rebook flights.

"They didn't stop the operation to allow a sort of reset" for the weather, said a Delta staffer. "People were frustrated. There were babies in people's hands".

Gil West, Delta's Chief Operating Officer, called the storms "unprecedented".

The thunder storm hit Wednesday, but canceled flights and long lines in Atlanta persisted into Friday.

But West also acknowledged that the airline's recovery effort has not been "ideal" and apologized to customers.

"I just checked my phone it's been delayed until 11:50 and so I could sit here until 11:50 just for them to tell me it's been cancelled", said Cawley.

His flight from LA to Detroit was canceled.

@Delta great crew on DL1084 while diverted to Nashville due to weather in ATL.

Back in 2015, a Delta pilot in Atlanta ordered his passengers pizza after rainstorms halted the flight.

Another user wrote, "Sitting on a delayed flight from Columbus, OH to ATL". Be sure to watch our report on the latest at Hartsfield-Jackson.

Nationwide, many had to be re-booked following a thousand flight delays and cancellations. Atlanta is Delta's busiest airport, and about 60 percent of its planes go through Atlanta on an average day.

Passengers stranded at Norfolk International Airport were given free pies as well.

McKnight said she is understanding of the challenges Delta has faced. Other than the initial options mentioned above ― change dates or request re-routing ― you can also research alternate forms of transportation and make backup reservations to use in case the worst comes to pass.

But the airline has faced high-profile disruptions recently.

So he said he'll rent a auto and drive to Indianapolis.

Traveler Farzad Saghian said his flight back home to NY after a business trip was scheduled to depart at 8:30 p.m. Thursday, then was delayed until 11:30 p.m., 12:30 a.m., then 1:30 a.m. "First they didn't have a captain, then they didn't have a crew" of flight attendants.

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