Apple's new Clips app allows users to create & share expressive videos

Apple Clips app

APPLEEasy controls allow instant editing

You can download Clips for iPhone and iPad free of charge from the App Store.

Much like with Instagram and other photo editing apps, Clips allows you to add filters over the top of your snaps. With live titles Clips can automatically caption your videos - in 36 different languages! - saving you the hassle of typing out your speech but making them accessible in places where most videos are muted, like Facebook. You can share your Clip with your contacts using Messages, or through your choice of social network, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Instagram. But unlike Snapchat and Instagram, Clips does not have a social network built around its community of users - instead, the videos you create on Clips are intended for external distribution.

This all-new app is all about ease of use and requires no previous video editing knowledge, but still brings the element of fun, one that is becoming an increasingly common sight among social media apps.

LumaFX promises "infinite video effects" for your clips, and while we're not tried to test that claim, the app certainly gives you lots of filters and effects to play around with. Remember, you're not committed to that text. You can organise clips, crop videos and add effects like the ones used in films to images and videos to make your video stand out in the crowd. For Live Titles, you can choose how long you want them to run and the background audio, including recording a voiceover.

I've learned a few key tricks so far - Clips takes a little getting used to. You can also choose where you want the captions to appear on the video. It's really stylish! Yes, you're finally going to become a real Youtuber and publish videos as cool as those of your favorite influencer. You can change the whole look of your clips with a few well-chosen themes, and adding text and other overlays for the finishing touch is easy as well.

Add as many scenes as you like in quick succession, in varied filters and styles into a single timeline. But as simple as it may look, the app is confusing and comes with a rather steep learning curve, that makes iMovie look super user-friendly.

Users can add live animated captions and titles just by using their voice with a feature called Live Titles. (We pray it gets easier the more you use it, but time will tell.) Here's everything you need to know about using Apple Clips.

Overall, the features Clips offers are not out of the ordinary as content sharing apps like Snapchat and Instagram also come with similar functionalities.

Then, maybe it's okay for Apple to just make a well-done video app and leave it at that. While using Live Titles, there is a "microphone" button that will mute voices.

Considering that Apple plans to include a Help section in the app when it goes live, I'm guessing I'm not the only person who has given early feedback that it's the most confusing part of the app. Which is to say, after making Clips this week, I actually wanted to share them.

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