Quadruplets got into Yale and Harvard. All four of them

These talented quadruplets were all accepted to Harvard and Yale

Quadruplets got into Yale and Harvard. All four of them

Well, today, I'm bringing you some #BlackBoyJoy, after a set of OH quadruplets were all accepted into Yale and Harvard-among other impressive potential college destinations-leaving the young men with some big choices.

A set of quadruplet brothers, who go to high school outside Cincinnati, have been accepted by Harvard and Yale, among other top schools. Both schools had single-digit acceptance rates with Yale accepting only 2,272 of the 32,000 students who applied (7.1 percent), while Harvard only accepted 2,056 of the 39,000 who applied this year (5.3 percent), the Washington Post reports.

The four brothers were all at track practice at Lakota East High School in OH last week when they turned on their phones and learned of their life-altering news, The Washington Post reported.

"We have to make sure that we're helping them down the road by not being a financial burden on them when we get older", he says. "I don't think it has sunk in yet".

"I just felt blessed at that moment". "It was an unreal feeling, I guess".

"Honestly, to have one child from a family be accepted to a school like this is fantastic", Zach said.

Every kid receiving their acceptance notification from either school understands the unique elation of being part of such a select few, but four people in particular were not just elated, but stunned as well.

But just because all four Wade brothers got into the two Ivies, doesn't mean that they'll go.

Wade is a quadruplet, though, with three brothers on his high school track team who had also applied to Ivy schools. Nick was accepted to Duke, Georgetown and Stanford. Nigel was also accepted to Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt, while Zach also got into Cornell.

The Post talked with the boys' father, Darrin Wade.

Thinking about his and his wife's eventual retirement, Mr. Wade notes that they want to avoid putting any extra liability on their children in later years. "You guys are hard workers and the sky's the limit'".

"We really don't know". "I said, 'What's going on?' They said, 'There's not two". But, the father acknowledges that the money saved is not going to be a match for the quadruplets' distinguished futures and the siblings aren't foreign to the financial aspect of higher learning. "It has been awesome", said Nick, who along with Nigel and Zachary are leaning toward attending Yale.

However, their parents - Kim and Darrin Wade - had this day on their minds before the boys ever took their first breaths.

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