IRS Extends Call Service Hours to Assist Taxpayers on Saturdays

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Don't let your last-minute tax stress lead to these avoidable

However, under this new rule, private debt collectors may contact taxpayers by phone, which may make it more hard to determine whether a scammer is targeting the taxpayer.

These days, you can file online in your pajamas at the stroke of midnight on Tax Day, but you may end up paying more to file. If Uncle Sam owes you money, make sure you get all of it back. The donated value of a woman's sweater, for example, could range from $3.75 to $15, depending on quality, according to the Salvation Army guide. You'll need to provide your 2015 adjusted gross income or the PIN you selected previous year, plus your date of birth.

During a last-minute rush, it could be easy to fall prey to an e-mail that claims to be from IRS e-Services.

If one of these agencies working with the IRS threatens you or harasses you, then you need to report that to the Federal Trade Commission.

The goal is to trick someone into opening a link or attachment so ID thieves can steal user credentials.

Toll-free assistors do not have any more updated information than what's available on the tool. They told unsuspecting victims that they had failed to pay taxes or were at risk of deportation, and that a fast payment was needed to get out of trouble.

Filing for an extension gives you more time to file your return, but it doesn't give you more time to pay taxes you owe.

That way, you avoid steep penalties for filing late, Hunt said.

For more information on this change, visit self-employed/private-debt-collection. The interest you pay on your mortgage is tax-deductible, and the interest is front-loaded. Important point: If there is a refund or no balance due, these penalties will not apply. Making an electronic payment means you do not have to file a Form 4868, as the payment triggers an automatic six-month extension. Interest applies to any unpaid tax. In addition to double-checking the bank account information, make sure to specify a date for the debit that's no later than April 18, the last day you can pay what you owe without incurring additional interest and penalties. Auditors are trained to take advantage of this aspect of human nature, and they will often try to get you to spill your guts with tactics like sitting silently for long periods of time or asking leading questions. "We don't collect taxes on iTunes cards or gift cards, and we don't do it with aggressive, threatening phone calls". But the department terminated its contract after alleging the company misled student loan borrowers about the benefits of repaying.

"You can go to to check your account", Murphy said.

Though the words "tax avoidance" might sport somewhat of a negative connotation, in reality, the tax code is created to help workers pay as little tax as possible.

Because of this, the IRS wants to help taxpayers avoid confusion, know their rights and tax responsibilities, and know how to identify phone scams where callers impersonate the IRS or the designated debt collection agency. A tax refund is essentially an interest-free loan you extended to the IRS that is now being returned to you. This is known as an "offer in compromise".

If you didn't use tax software to file your original return, you can download Form 1040X, Amended U.S. Individual Tax Return, from the IRS.

"We're very hopeful that this is going to be successful", she said. It's a fun activity that can consume players and take over office spaces.

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