Turkey: Syria autopsies show chemical weapons used in attack

Russian Federation accused President Donald Trump of rushing to judgement after an apparent poison-gas attack in Syria prompted the harshest US criticism of the Kremlin under the new administration, further denting hopes of a breakthrough in relations.

Trump, who has said destroying Islamic State is his top priority, has boosted the number of USA special forces in Syria, but it isn't clear how much further the administration would be willing to go given the Russian military presence. "This is a risky and heinous crime but it's hasty to put labels on it".

Russia, which has vetoed seven previous Security Council resolutions critical of Syria, blamed Tuesday's attack on rebels, saying that the Syrian air force hit an ammunition depot where chemical weapons were stored.

The effects of the attack overwhelmed hospitals around the town, leading paramedics to send patients to medical facilities across rebel-held areas in northern Syria, as well as to Turkey.

Trump's reference to a "red line" echoed comments then-President Barack Obama made before the 2013 sarin attack, when he suggested the use of chemical weapons would require a USA military response. UNICEF says another 546 people, including many children, were wounded, and that casualty figures are expected to rise.

If chemical arms were used by Assad's military, it would mean Syria violated a deal to destroy such weapons, an accord brokered by the Obama administration and Russian Federation after an August 2013 sarin gas attack killed more than 1,000 people in a Damascus suburb.

At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council on Wednesday, Ambassador Nikki Haley said if the global body fails to take action, "We may".

The minister criticized the global community, saying there had been "zero" reaction.

The Security Council debate Wednesday was a throwback to the worst U.S. -Russia tensions witnessed under Obama.

"The war where more children die than grown armed men is a very dirty war".

"If it is the case that it was the Assad regime, it shows the barbarism of the regime", she said, describing the attack as "despicable". "It could be true, there are bandits on all sides", he said.

The bottom line the Wednesday's draft resolution is to put all blame on Damascus so that to increase pressure on Damascus, the diplomat said.

Assad's involvement in the attack, if proven, would have consequences for Russia's relationship with the Syrian president, said Kortunov, the head of the Kremlin-founded research group. "What is the USA approach?"

"We stress that in any case, the use of chemical weapons is not tolerable under global law", Seoul's foreign ministry said in a commentary.

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