Uber suspends self-driving car program in 2 states

A Tempe police spokeswoman told Bloomberg that the Uber vehicle was not responsible for the crash and that there were no injuries. They are not required to track crashes like the one that occurred in Tempe on Friday or report any information to the state.

Uber has suspended its trial of self-driving vehicles after one ended up on its side following a crash in Arizona.

Cars without drivers have resumed service Monday in San Francisco and will soon do the same in Tempe, Arizona and Pittsburgh, the three cities where they are now in circulation, said a spokesman for Uber to AFP.

Uber's San Francisco programme is now in development mode.

Self-driving Uber cars went back to work in San Francisco in the morning there and were to return to streets in Arizona and Pennsylvania later in the day, Uber said an email response to an AFP inquiry.

Uber self-driving Volvo SUV accident in Arizona.

The spokesperson said Uber's self-driving cars will hits roads again in San Francisco on Monday, but remain grounded in Arizona and Pittsburgh. The ride service company attempted to conduct the same tests in San Francisco in December, but the California DMV raised issues for the tests.

The photo, showing the Uber SUV on its side, suggests a relatively high-impact crash.

The inside of an Uber self-driving vehicle, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, September 13, 2016. They will also have to persuade the general public that self-driving cars are not a threat. and that may take some time.

A Ford Fusion modified by Uber for autonomous use map out the streets of Pittsburgh ahead of the launch of its driverless system, September 8, 2016. The city and Uber also agreed to keep "lines of communication open" in the event of future accidents. Waymo, Alphabet Inc's. Self-ruling driving business that is likewise trying driverless vehicles in Arizona, sued an Uber unit called Otto not long ago for purportedly taking plans for a vital part of driverless autos known as lidar.

Following her claims, CEO, Travis Kalanick branded her accusations "abhorrent and against everything we believe in" in two tweets.

Uber is now involved in a lawsuit regarding the self-driving technology. The company has confirmed that its cars are now back on road. Waymo filed an injunction and asked a federal judge to stop Uber's use of the autonomous auto technology.

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