Florida Senate says there should be time to play in schools

Florida Senator Wilton Simpson R-Trilby helped get a bill reducing standardized tests pass its first committee Monday

Florida Senate says there should be time to play in schools

Uber gave a thumbs-up to a bill that passed the Florida House 115-0 Wednesday to set statewide rules for ride-sharing services, leaving approval by the Senate the next step after two years of deadlock amid concerns from taxis and local governments who would lose regulatory authority. John Legg, R-Trinity, wouldn't hear the bill in committee because he didn't want the state to put another mandate on school districts.

Florida's elementary school students are closer to having recess every day, but the battle over the playground continues. Elections and retirements have changed the makeup - and the leadership - in both chambers, however.

The House version proposes school districts to offer recess as part of physical education classes.

The House measure would allow the tribe to keep its slot machines and blackjack tables for 20 years but would not let them offer additional games. "It shouldn't be in competition with something else", Flores said. "We need to send a clear message to House leadership that anything less is a failure to properly represent the people of our state - and a loss for Florida's children", Browning wrote.

The bill (SB 926) also pushes back the date of when the state's high-stakes test is given to the last three weeks of the school year.

Senate sponsor Republican Rob Bradley said he will review the House language before deciding whether to recommend the Senate approve it.

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