Telemedicine Bill Restricting Abortion Practices Approved in Senate

North Dakota House committee approves medical marijuana bill

Senate clears medical marijuana bill, expanding grower licenses

Those who supported Shott's amendment said it would provide more regulatory oversight for the medical marijuana industry, and its detractors said it was an attempt to kill the bill or make it hard for the industry, whether through growing, distributing or using medical marijuana. But the House's version does not include that stipulation.

The West Virginia House of Delegates advanced the West Virginia Cannabis Act following a major overhaul of the bill Monday night. This differs from the Senate version of the bill and most of the other state medical marijuana programs.

The governors of the first four states to legalize marijuana have written to Washington asking to be left alone, decrim advances in Texas, asset forfeiture reform advances in Arizona, and more.

Under the amended House bill, patients with specifically listed qualifying medical conditions could use extracts, tinctures, and other preparations of marijuana, but not marijuana in flower or leaf form. But legislative leaders have said the original initiated measure, approved by nearly 64 percent of voters in November, needed improved regulations. Lawmakers have said better regulations were needed over a product that remains illegal under federal law, but medical marijuana supporters have criticized lawmakers for proposing changes to the law they passed.

A Department of Health official previously said they expect medical marijuana to be available for purchase in about a year. "House Bill 1002 will head to a Conference Committee, where differences between the House and Senate versions of the legislation will be ironed out".

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