Andromeda May Get A New Rifle That's Only Been Shown in Cutscenes

Andromeda May Get A New Rifle That's Only Been Shown in Cutscenes

Andromeda May Get A New Rifle That's Only Been Shown in Cutscenes

There's a sleek white assault rifle, which looks something like a cross between an M-8 Avenger and an M-96 Mattock, in some of the Mass Effect: Andromeda trailers.

Liam Robertson, "The video games history guy", spoke to anonymous Bioware employees to learn some details about facial and character animations for the game. If these patches work out the way they sound, we might have an nearly entirely new game on our hands.

Andromeda was released last month on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and managed to score 6/10 in GameSpot's Andromeda review. This technology created digital scans of a person or an object that is used to create in-game's 3-D models.

In line with this, the human and possibly alien characters were outsourced to other EA branches. After the initial scans were done, Bioware apparently did not touch them.

For BioWare's credit, though, the changes are heavily based on community feedback.

According to rumors, BioWare ended up outsourcing the facial animations to a third-party studio. Several sources noted to Robertson that they place the blame on the animation quality on Bioware's management team, who chose to push nearly all of the work to other studios. Over the next 2 months, they'll be rolling out additional patches which will go even deeper.

As Frazier added, they have noticed that a lot of people are interested in the gun, hence, the team is now looking to the possibility of including the X5 Ghost in the game via future patch updates.

Mass Effect: Andromeda shipped with a host of issues that impact gameplay and fans are eagerly awaiting fixes on multiple fronts. Multiplayer will get new maps, characters and weapons.

Some players are complaining about how BioWare overlooks glaring issues and even tries to discuss including new elements instead of having the problems fixed.

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