Sanders, Warren take stage together in Boston

Sanders, Warren take stage together in Boston

Sanders, Warren take stage together in Boston

Sanders also did not agree with some Democrats believing the voters, who backed President Donald Trump, are racists, xenophobes and deplorable.

He painted a critical portrait of the current level of inequality in America, as much of the newly created wealth is funnelled to the rich. Sanders travelled across the country while campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination, and spoke many Americans about their struggles.

The College For All Act is great piece of legislation that will be publicly popular that is another reminder to Republicans that their biggest problem remains the party's deeply unpopular agenda.

"I'm going to do everything I can to make sure she's reelected to the United States Senate", he said.

Between the two speaking engagements, Sanders plans to attend a sold-out book signing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Even during the primaries, Hillary Clinton was a strong opponent for Sanders' campaign promise as it had no income cap for those who would be eligible for free tuition.

Perez has expressed a similar sentiment in his month on the job as chairman, saying that the party needs to align itself with the activists opposing President Donald Trump and make "house calls" to every state and county in the country.

In an emphatic statement, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont called for a "fundamental restructuring of the Democratic Party".

Sanders described Trump as a "fraud", but admitted the Republican managed to connect with voters who felt left behind. "What he did is he developed campaign rhetoric and proposals. that addressed some of those issues", he said.

"We got organized after the election and what we started pushing is you can't repeal and run, that's for cowards", Warren told the crowd, "You have to repeal and replace".

He said: "The speech will be about where we are now with the planning for the NHS and social care".

"But let me just say this, the Democrats will not succeed unless it attracts many, many millions of Independents", he added.

In her opinion, a better future means one in which people listen to one another for the "betterment of the entire nation instead of their self interests".

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