Project Scorpio News Coming this Week?

E3 is still a few months away, but it appears that Microsoft won't be waiting much longer to fully unveil Project Scorpio, its beefed up Xbox One console.

Microsoft apparently used Forza Motorsport 7, which hasn't yet been officially announced, to showcase the power of the upcoming console. Other first-party titles said to make an appearance include Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2.

Microsoft may not have officially revealed anything yet but it seems like this week, we will finally be getting out first solid bit of information regarding Project Scorpio specs.

But perhaps even more interesting is that Microsoft could already have a name for the hardware, since it likely isn't going to release with the name Project Scorpio.

According to Windows Central, there will be a large library of games available for Xbox Project Scorpio, as soon as it launches.

Windows Central also claims that the Scorpio will have a more compact design than one might expect from a superpowered video game console.

Like the PS4 Pro, Project Scorpio will not have any exclusive games but will instead run regular Xbox One titles with better graphics.

At this point, the news isn't very surprising and lines up with the belief that Project Scorpio is following the smartphone business model where a new devices or versions are released fairly often rather than after a set number of years.

Furthermore, here is the rumored list of planned 4K titles for the Xbox "Project Scorpio".

GameRant reports, however, that the console could also see two third-party games steal the limelight from "Forza Motorsport 7". The document also says that Project Scorpio will sport a 6 TFLOP GPU, which is substantially higher than the PlayStation 4 Pro's 4.2 TFLOP GPU.

"Red Dead Redemption 2" will reportedly be one of the titles to be showcased on the Project Scorpio, the next-generation Xbox console. Of course, as with all rumours, we'd advise that you take this with a large sprinkling of that proverbial salt.

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