NYC Politician Wants To Rename Rikers Island After Kalief Browder


NYC Politician Wants To Rename Rikers Island After Kalief Browder

In the report released Sunday, commissioners called Rikers Island a "stain on our great city that leaves its mark on everyone it touches", including inmates, corrections staff, attorneys and the taxpayers who "devote billions of dollars each year to keep the whole dysfunctional apparatus running".

The 148-page report outlines plans for replacing the city's main jail with smaller community jails in the city's five boroughs.

"Criminal Justice and incarceration in New York City needs dramatic change", Lippman added.

Last year, LaGuardia served 30 million passengers, according to the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey.

De Blasio suggests other reforms will do far more to cut the jail population from 10,000 to 5,000, so he hasn't technically abandoned ship - but he hasn't embraced most of the report's other suggestions, either.

A backlogged and sluggish court system means that detainees spend an average of nine months awaiting trial while being housed in a facility notorious for its abuse, violence by inmates and guards and the capricious use of solitary confinement. "It's a 19th century solution to a 21st century problem". His stance has softened on account of the city's falling crime rate, which he said makes Rikers' closure more attainable on a 10-year timeline.

Jay-Z co-executive produced Time: The Kalief Browder Story, which details the physical and verbal abuse that Browder endured while he was locked up.

"It would take years of planning to build secure facilities in the outer boroughs", Faisal Zouhbi, president of the Assistant Deputy Wardens/Deputy Wardens Association, said a year ago.

The report, an early version of which was published in DNAinfo New York last year, spurred Mayor Bill de Blasio's decision to close the complex in 10 years.

In January, the CLOSErikers campaign dogged de Blasio, sometimes gathering outside his private fundraising events in the bitter cold - and even followed him to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at another event - to stress that any effort to fix the city's criminal justice system would be in vain if Rikers continues to exist. "It's huge, it's unmanageable - this work for me is not about work, it's personal", says Richards.

Mayor de Blasio announced his support for the plan although researchers say such an ambitious project could come with a price tag of $13.9 billion, although it would save the city $1.4 billion annually.

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