Crayola boots dandelion for bluish crayon yet to be named

The company has made the decision public by launching an online event for the reveal which has amassed attention on Facebook and prompted responses from thousands

Crayola boots dandelion for bluish crayon yet to be named

But they posted a surprise video on Thursday, March 30 saying their beloved Dandelion had made a decision to announce his early retirement.

Crayola has leaked the news on what color is getting the boot from its iconic 24-count box. Comments included: "Why not a different color!?!?;" "Not Dandelion yellow!" The color was added to the 24-count box in 1999.

Crayola announced Friday, National Crayon Day, that it's replacing the color dandelion in its 24-pack with a crayon in "the blue family". "One lucky fan came across the box and couldn't wait to share the news with the world, and neither could we!"

Friday is "National Crayon Day" and Crayola said earlier this week that it would mark the occasion by retiring one of its colors. The crayon's replacement announced the replacement color Friday morning in Times Square.

"Our beloved Dandelion chose to announce his retirement early!"

In 1990, Crayola decide to get rid of blue gray, green blue, lemon yellow, maize, orange red, orange yellow, raw umber and violet blue. Others, like "Mole Blue", "Psychedelic Purple" and "Light Chrome Green" have been discontinued.

More details around the new addition are expected in May. Remaining yellow colors include yellow orange, yellow and yellow green.

All in all, if Dandelion was your favorite color, accept that it was chosen for the Hall of Fame, be proud through your tears, and remember - there's probably a color similar to it in one of Crayola's larger packs. It color is so bright and vivid!;" and "I'll tell you where I want Dandelion to go.

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