How to play MS. PAC-MAN in Ottawa on Google maps

Where does April Fools' Day come from

How to play MS. PAC-MAN in Ottawa on Google maps

Prepare for a heavy dose of procrastination, brought to you by Google Maps. Click on the button located at the bottom left of the screen that reads "insert coin". You can't turn your current coordinates into a spot in the game. But Google has a history of doing well by the non-holiday and this year is no different, because who can say no to Ms. Pac-Man? Take Ms. Pac-Man on a leisurely waltz through the flowing, ribbon-like drives of Jardim Burle Marx.

Google's April Fool's Day prank is upon us. You'll need to navigate Ms. Pac-Man through these streets while you avoid the ghosts, with the ultimate goal of clearing the map by eating all of the pellets. You can also sign in to your Google account to save your top score on a leaderboard and share it with friends.

This isn't the first time Google has transformed Maps into Ms Pac-Man, having pulled the same April Fools' Day stunt back in 2015. Instead, the updated app puts you in a random spot somewhere in the world.

April 1st is tomorrow, so it's only natural for the web to start the eruption of pranks and gags everywhere. This is a good spot to get warmed up before the real test of your abilities come into play. But Google is starting early this year, and everyone can get in on the joke. Although, it seems like Apple users has the option to choose the location.

Ms. Pac Man has been confirmed to work across a number of Android devices and iOS.

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