Trump levels extraordinary threat to 'fight' GOP right wing in 2018 elections

President Donald Trump listens to a speaker in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington Tuesday

President Donald Trump listens to a speaker in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington Tuesday

Rep. Louie GohmertLouie GohmertGOP lawmaker: Passing healthcare bill would cost House majority Gohmert suggests Priebus authored Trump Freedom Caucus tweet: report Don't blame Trump for healthcare defeat - blame Louie Gohmert MORE's (R-Texas) speech came after President Trump Twitter attacks on members of the Freedom Caucus on Twitter that called to "must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!"

"The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don't get on the team, & fast". "I share (the) frustration".

While America First Policies, which its leaders said had raised some $25 million already, spent next to nothing on the health care debate, spokeswoman Katrina Pierson noted she did television interviews promoting the bill.

Freedom Caucus member David Brat of Virginia says he has little to gain in following some of his colleagues' advice to start playing nice.

The discord following the healthcare debacle was not limited to tensions between Trump and the Freedom Caucus.

"What I am anxious about is. that if we don't do this then he will just go work with Democrats to try and change Obamacare - that's hardly a conservative thing", Ryan said.

A 35-page blueprint developed by House Republican leaders, known as a "Better Way", will serve as a starting point for the tax-reform discussions.

"Our Freedom Caucus friends are good conservatives, but we will see if we can be better teammates", Mr.

The focus this morning was on Russian disinformation tactics, with one expert testifying the practices continued post-election, with Russian-directed social media campaigns targeting House Speaker Paul Ryan over the failure of health care reform. "Nearly everyone succumbs to the D.C. Establishment". But keeping Freedom Caucus members happy without losing the votes of Republican moderates has proven tough. Although it was pulled from the floor, it is still active legislation and subject to manager's amendments from the chairmen of the Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, and Budget committees, as well as changes made by the House Rules Committee, which reports the bill to the House floor with its final language.

"In my district, we're very conservative so If he gets me out of office, he's going to get someone more conservative than me", DesJarlais said.

Asked whether Trump's tweet furthers the perception that it was the Freedom Caucus that stood in the way, Ayres replied, "That simply added more fuel to the fire". "And I think it's been a learning process". "We were pressured under what looked to be a bad deal, we walked away, and now cooler heads are prevailing".

President Trump dared Rep. Mark Sanford to vote against the Obamacare repeal bill last week so he could put a primary challenger against the former governor in 2018, the congressman said.

Senator John McCain, who ran for president in 2008 and was defeated by Obama, said that if he were sitting in the White House now, he would try to ease intraparty tensions rather than stoking them. "We're discussing this the way we should without a deadline, and we'll bring it back when its right".

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