Gladiolus introduced in Final Fantasy XV's first character DLC

Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus

Gladiolus introduced in Final Fantasy XV's first character DLC

Square Enix has opted to remove the 14-day time restriction from the free trial for its massively-multiplayer online game Final Fantasy XIV. In its place, players can now take as much time as they want up to level 35, absolutely free of cost.

Today marks the release of Final Fantasy XV's Episode Gladiolus DLC, which is the first part of 3 confirmed story DLCs that will be releasing for the game.

Earlier, the Final Fantasy XIV trial had both a level cap and expiry date.

Square Enix is even reviving old characters and accounts so that players can pick up where they left off if they have abandoned the game at some point. "Redemption" can now be accessed through "Final Fantasy XV's" main menu provided that players have beaten the game early on.

Previously the game featured a 14-day free trial for anyone looking to dip their toes in the enchanting world of Eorzea. And you're allowed to create as many as eight, as long as there's no more than one per World (the FFXIV designation for servers).

This applies to all characters, so once you have leveled one character up to level 35 you can, if you so desire, start leveling up a second character. Chapter 13 will now feature additional cutscenes fleshing out the story and an alternate version of the chapter where players control Gladiolus instead of Noctis. Thankfully, the game developer company listened to gamers' woes and rolled out updates to fix the problem. The Rugged Attire costume will be unlockable via the DLC's Score Attack mode, and it's a pretty cool way to play as Gladio, if you're into that.

No more excuses, Final Fantasy fans.

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