Boston hikers feared killed in Canadian avalanche

There is a high-risk avalanche warning in Lake Louise the area where two Americans are presumed dead

Boston hikers feared killed in Canadian avalanche

The pair were reported missing after they didn't check out of their hotel on Tuesday and didn't show up for their flight home, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sgt. Gerald Walker. Employees with Parks Canada and the police found the vehicle the pair rented and concluded that they had been caught in an avalanche which happened nearby, Parks Canada said in a statement.

The force said the couple were last seen last Saturday when they had breakfast in Field.

A helicopter that flew over the area picked up signals from two radio transceiver's that leads them to believe that the two people are buried in the snow.

After conducting avalanche control, visitor safety specialists with Parks Canada were able to locate and recover both bodies Friday morning. There were snowshoe tracks leading into nearby avalanche debris, and no tracks leading out.

Because of risky conditions, crews weren't able to get into the area until Friday.

Avalanche conditions were too high in the area Tuesday through Thursday for rescuers to enter the site.

The families have been notified, but Canadian police did not release their identities.

"The thoughts of all Parks Canada staff are with the family and friends of those involved", a Parks Canada spokesperson said. The snowshoers are believed to have been caught in an avalanche in an area 20-30 minutes drive north of this location.

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