Instagram rolling out two-factor authentication for all, blurring for sensitive content

Instagram begins blurring some sensitive content, opens two-factor to all

Instagram will start blurring 'sensitive' photos in your feed

So, if you are the type who really doesn't get bothered by some controversial images, then you can click on the acknowledgement and go ahead to view the photo or video.

"Soon you may notice a screen over sensitive photos and videos when you scroll through your feed or visit a profile", Instagram said in a blog post today. The company will use the new system on photos that have been reported by users but do not violate its platform guidelines.

This is an app feature that will add a step for users who aren't anxious about being scandalized by images posted on the network, since you'll have to tap an acknowledgement in order to view the photo or video. The hope is that by placing a screen over these photos and videos, users won't have any "surprising or unwanted experiences in the app".

Instagram is not taking its fight against sensitive comments and posts lightly. This move is created to make Instagram a "safe environment' for users who may not want to see the sensitive content, though that content itself isn't in violation of the company's rules". Instagram said that these updates will help the app continue to move towards "fostering a safer, kinder community". Finally, as a small note amidst this larger announcement, Instagram says that it has made two-factor authentication available for everyone. To enable this extra layer of protection, tap the gear icon in Instagram, and toggle the Two-Factor Authentication option in order to switch it on. In this case, Instagram may as well have removed the shot entirely. You can share it with us by using the comment box right below this article.

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