Google Is Rolling Out Shortcuts In Search To All Users

We will get to know more about Android O in the upcoming Google I/O which is scheduled for May. If Android tablets are ever going to succeed, it's going to take things like this-features designed specifically for the big screen.

Of course, Google hasn't revealed all the new goodies in Android O-the name, for example, is still unknown. Google has achieved this by focusing on three main actions of any app that run in the background: implicit broadcasts, background services and location updates. By turning its app into both a search tool and an app launcher, Google has organized its robust web toolkit into a simplified, tappable interface. The new firmware will feature notification channels that will let users to block or change the behaviour of each channel individually instead of managing all the app's notifications together. So, you will be able to watch a video even while booking a cab or writing on the notepad. If there is a notification that you do not want to see right now, but want to be reminded of later, you can snooze it for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or one hour. The feature was already available for Android TV and now it will be a part of the smartphones running Android O as well.

Google on Tuesday came out with the first developer preview of Android O, its next major Android update. The event, aimed at bringing local developers in one place, will also feature activities such as demos, codelabs, and hackathons. You can download the file for your supported device from the Google Developer's site here. The adaptive icon feature will allow developers to integrate their app icons with a device's existing UI. This is similar to the ones seen from the iOS, where numbers or texts in a balloon appear when there is an update from a particular app. The other option that Google is providing with the developers preview here is the "inverted" theme, where the colors are inverted.

You can find out more details about Android O over at Google at the link below, we are expecting to hear more information about the software at the Google IO Developer Conference.

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