Malaysia says Kim body embalmed to halt decomposition

Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said authorities were able to identify Kim's body last week after receiving a DNA sample from one of the slain man's children, CNN reported Wednesday.

Malaysia said Tuesday that the body of Kim Jong-Nam has been embalmed to stop it decomposing, as it lies unclaimed in a Kuala Lumpur morgue a month after his assassination.

According to Malaysian authorities, Kim Jong Nam died after two women smeared highly toxic nerve agent VX on his face.

Malaysia had previously been referring to the victim as Kim Chol - the name used on Kim Jong Nam's North Korean passport - and had refused to make an alternate declaration on his identity until DNA evidence had been provided.

North Korea has rejected the autopsy, and so far has not stated that the man killed was Kim Jong Nam.

North Korea is preventing three Malaysian diplomats and their six family members from leaving the country, sparking tit-for-tat action by Malaysia.

They were among 176 North Koreans working in Sarawak.

"The two ministers shared the view that North Korea's escalating provocations, including the two sets of ballistic missile launches this year, constitute serious violations of global norms, posing a threat to the peace and security of the Asian and the entire worldwide community", the ministry said.

The workers were employed in mines and construction sites in the state. Kim also had on a beaded bracelet and a Patek Philippe watch-a brand of which his North Korean half-sibling Kim Jong Un is a known fan.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has announced that the postponed North Korea-Malaysia Asian Cup qualification group match will be played on June 8 at a neutral venue.

Jong Nam is believed to have two sons and a daughter with two women living in exile in Beijing and Macau, but it was unclear where they now are.

Soon after Kim was fatally poisoned at the airport, Chang and O departed Kuala Lumpur by air and made it back to Pyongyang by February 17. A Vietnamese woman and an Indonesian woman have already been charged in the case.

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