Disney's Beauty and the Beast sets box office records globally

Disney's Beauty and the Beast sets box office records globally

Thus far, the odds seem to be in Watson's favour as "Beauty and the Beast" just had the biggest opening weekend ever for a PG-rated movie, raking in US$170 million in North American box offices.

The film, which broke box office records in the United Kingdom after taking in £18.4 million over its opening weekend, has been showing in the predominantly Muslim country of Kuwait since Thursday. You can see the complete list of today's Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here .

Disney spent over a year and a half perfecting the "Be Our Guest" musical number for "Beauty and the Beast".

It's been a fairytale beginning for Beauty and the Beast: Disney's live-action remake starring Emma Watson has bagged some major box office numbers.

The live-action movie recreates some of the scenes from Disney's 1991 animated film shot for shot.

Beauty and the Beast has recorded the seventh best opening overall in the United States and Canada.

Live action versions of Aladdin, The Lion King, Mulan and Peter Pan are reportedly already in production - and more could follow. Mentioned early in the movie when Belle asks her father to tell her one more thing about her, Belle's mother is established as an influencing force in Belle's life.

The scene was described as Disney's first "gay moment" and suffered a backlash in countries like Malaysia and Russian Federation. Last week's top film, Warner Bros.' "Kong: Skull Island", slid to second place with $28.9 million in its second week. In a major departure from the animated film, the Beast doesn't just have a magic mirror to connect him to the outside world, he also has a magical atlas that can transport him anywhere in the world, if only in his mind. $170 million of that has come from the U.S. alone, and with competition for the family movie dollar sparse until The Smurfs turn up, Disney might just be looking at a $1 billion movie here. The Jordan Peele directorial debut, from Universal Pictures and Blumhouse, earned $13.3 million, making its four-week total $133.1 million. But the new Beauty and the Beast is full of little bits like that, from Belle's side career as an inventor (a horse-drawn washing machine gives her more time to read!) to the noticeably diverse faces in Belle's "quiet village". "The Belko Experiment" opened in 1,341 locations, roughly a third of the theater count for a major studio offerings.

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