Rachel Maddow is blaming her viewers for Trump tax debacle - here's why

Rachel Maddow is blaming her viewers for Trump tax debacle - here's why

Rachel Maddow is blaming her viewers for Trump tax debacle - here's why

Following the embarrassment that was her over hyped possession of President Donald Trump's past tax returns, MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow has passed the onus of disappointment on to the people who watch her show, or read her tweets.

Maddow whipped up interest in the story with a tweet 90 minutes before her 9 p.m. EDT show.

The president has claimed, without evidence, that he would not release his taxes because he is under an Internal Revenue Service audit, and that United States voters do not care. An equal number appear to be attacking her as well. Sometimes it's proper to contextualize an issue. Maddow's story showed that he paid much more than many expected, even exceeding the tax rate paid by his political opponents, including Sen. Johnston said he found the president's 1040 form "in the mail", a story Trump wasn't buying as he took aim at Maddow's parent network.

It averaged 4.13 million total viewers, according to Nielsen, the show's largest audience ever. This is not a woman who believes in cutting to the chase.

It was the liberal equivalence of Glenn Beck in his crazed chalkboard-lecturing days on Fox News, with Maddow ending the speculative time-killing segment with reminders of the importance of having access to Trump's tax returns, as well as speculation on why he would he withhold them, and what information they could they tell us. To her credit, she also put the crucial subject of Trump's finances squarely back in the national conversation.

At the end of an interview with Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) about members of Congress attempting to force President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, Maddow thanked Pascrell for being on her show, to which he responded, "Thank you, sir", before quickly correcting himself and letting out a somewhat embarrassed "ma'am!" Previously, she was The New York Times public editor, and the chief editor of The Buffalo News, her hometown paper.

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