Rejoice! Alexa is now inside the newly updated Amazon for iOS app

This isn't the first time that we're seeing Alexa show up in non-Amazon devices.

Amazon has brought it's Alexa digital assistant to the iPhone via a software update for its main application. You can download the latest version of the Amazon app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch on the App Store. You can then ask the assistant nearly anything you'd normally ask Alexa via an Amazon Echo device, including asking her to make purchases for you, look up facts, or control smart home products. That app tracks voice search activity for the Echo but doesn't have any voice interaction capability of its own. Not only that, Alexa can also give weather updates, play music and even tell a joke. Here's everything you need to know about Alexa on iOS, including how it works and what it can do.

The good news here is that within the next week, Amazon will have the Alexa digital assistant integrated into the iOS app.

The online retail giant announced the addition of Alexa to its iOS Amazon shopping app on Thursday.

With that being said, the Amazon app is a quick and easy way to turn your iPhone into an "Echo" if you can put up with the downsides. So, it looks like those who want a standalone Alexa experience will still have to shell out for an Echo device. This includes things like asking Alexa basic questions, as well as the ability to control your smart home setup if you happen to have one. Despite being part of a shopping app, Alexa can do a lot more than order the occasional Wish List splurge.

Amazon says the feature begins rolling out today and should be available to all US users by next week. And next year, we should see a native Alexa app pre-installed on the Moto Z series. This is going to change the way how people shop via the Amazon app.

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