Documents detail Flynn payments from Russian interests

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Documents detail Flynn payments from Russian interests

"I also can not recall a time when the President and his top advisers seemed so disinterested in the truth about that individual's work on behalf of foreign nations-whether due to willful ignorance or knowing indifference".

Pentagon rules prohibit retired officers from accepting "consulting fees, gifts, travel expenses, honoraria or salary" immediately after they leave the military.

Last week, Flynn registered retroactively with the Justice Department as a foreign agent of Turkey.

He also pointed out that Flynn only in recent weeks officially reported that he had been hired late past year to lobby for Turkey, for $530,000.

Leading Authorities redacted information about Flynn's other speaking engagements in 2015 that were presumably not connected to Russian Federation.

In November 2016, Trump appointed Flynn as his White House national security adviser.

In a letter to Trump, FBI Director James Comey and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Cummings asked whether Flynn disclosed the payments as part of his security clearance and vetting process for his short-lived role as Trump's national security chief.

Flynn's involvement with the RT news agency was well known.

In a letter he addressed to Trump, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and FBI Director James Comey, Cummings asked whether Flynn fully disclosed his links to Russian Federation and Turkey before he received a national security clearance and was named to the White House post. But the other two payments, and the details of the arrangement with RT, had not been disclosed until Thursday.

The fact that Flynn received payments from RT has previously been reported.

The new documents also show that Flynn received a payment of $11,250 from Volga-Dnepr Airlines in August 2015 and a payment for the same amount in October of that year from Kaspersky Government Security Solutions.

The documents filed with the Justice Department showed that Flynn Intel was working on a project of great interest to the Turkish government. However, Flynn served as head of the National Security Council for just 24 days before he was forced to step down - not specifically because of his Russian and Turkish ties, according to Trump administration officials, but because he'd misled Vice President Mike Pence by failing to declare his meetings with Russia's ambassador to the U.S.

Flynn joined the Trump campaign shortly after his RT gala speech and was believed to be the primary advocate inside the campaign for Trump's statements that he might consider lifting sanctions the Obama administration imposed after Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014. But he declined to state the amount, saying that the source of the funds was his USA speakers bureau, not the Russian broadcaster, which U.S. intelligence agencies describe as an instrument of the Russian government. The documents Cummings released Thursday made it clear that the money came directly from RT to him. Russian prosecutors have charged a manager at the company with treason, saying he and two Russian information-security officials were "interacting" with USA intelligence officials, according to a defense lawyer in the case.

RT is financed by the Russian government, but the other companies are private concerns.

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