Facebook is testing out a dislike button in Messenger, user reports

Facebook is testing out a new reaction "dislike" button on its Messenger system in addition to the already available reactions, a report in TechCrunch said.

Facebook is now known to be testing a new feature for Messenger. The option is being tested alongside others as part of a small experiment the brand is running which allows users to share an emoji for individual messages in a chat thread.

Users of Facebook's Messenger app have discovered a new thumbs-down or dislike button. But those who do have access to them can simply hover over a message and choose from one of seven reaction emoji - heart eyes, LOL, wow, sad, angry, thumbs up like, and thumbs down dislike. But they can also be a way to answer specific questions when planning something with friends or colleagues, since you won't need to guess which message someone is agreeing or disagreeing with.

Last month it emerged that Facebook was tweaking its news feed, too, by introducing ads in the middle of "on-demand" videos, in a bid to increase revenues for publishers using the platform. In any event, while a Dislike button in Messenger isn't what users have been asking for, it's at least a step in the right direction.

The apparent testing of the new feature fits with long-running speculation that a similar function for the main site may also be on the way.

A symbol for the thumb down have some users discovered in a beta-version of the Facebook messenger for iOS 10.

And this time, you can give them a big old thumbs down, according to Tech Crunch. Facebook calls it a "no" button that can be used for quick voting and feedback.

Reactions tool was unveiled by Facebook almost a year back and the one year response suggested it as a popular one with more than 300 billion use of reactions. These include: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry. Apple's iMessage and Slack have been offering the same for a while. Currently, Facebook says it is only testing reactions in Messenger with a small number of users on the web.

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